FastTrack PPM Software

FastTrack PPM is a competitively priced fully-featured scaleable automated facilities maintenance management system. Scheduling planned maintenance tasks has never been easier. FastTrack PPM has been created with end-users in mind and the user-friendly interface along with 'System Wizards' make it one of the leading packages available today. The PPM Task Wizard allows users to create automated facilities maintenance processes in seconds. A few simple clicks of the mouse can have the system scheduling up and running.



  • Schedule automated facilities service and inspection tasks in seconds
  • Centrally manage and issue work orders
  • Manage costs and reduce the man-hours needed to control your maintenance
  • Provide a faster delivery of service and increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduce errors throughout the entire maintenance process
  • Use powerful reporting functions for better managerial decisions

FastTrack's new dynamic dashboard screens now show critical information at a glance. Trends and escalation behaviour can easily be identified. The charts are also clickable for data values. See the images below for dashboard examples. As part of our customer involvement process, existing customers have been invited to submit new dashboard chart ideas, for inclusion into the software.