FastTrack Room Booking Software

If you have a requirement for room booking software, then FastTrack Room Booking can automate your operations and save your staff time. As a commercial room booking application, FastTrack Room Booking covers all aspects of meeting room management, conferences, hot-desks, and resources (including catering, portering, A/V equipment, etc.). Contact us to arrange a web demonstration and see the application in action.

The movie below shows the FastTrack Room Booking for Outlook app managing appointments and their associated booking data. The FastTrack Room Booking for Outlook app provides a "one-stop shop" for appointments, invitees, catering, A/V instructions and front desk activities.

The movie below shows the Visual Booking Range view, which shows at-a-glance bookings over a date range, and by various filters. It takes just seconds to review, edit and create bookings grouped together in any meaningful way.

Business Benefits:

  • Measurably increase the return on your Property Assets.
  • Raise the perception of Service Level.
  • Increase staff savings from Self-Service.
  • Cut costs as caterers and A/V resources connect LIVE.
  • Never double book again.
  • Realise low Running Costs.

Latest Developments:

  • Book Directly from Outlook with our optional Outlook module.
  • Send automatic email reminders with our Alerts Module and reduce your No-Shows: emails are sent to bookers the afternoon before their bookings.
  • Reconfigurable Rooms: Any number of spaces can be included in the reconfigurable set.
  • Video Conferencing: Whether across town or across the World, FastTrack Room Booking matches Video Conferencing facilities.
  • Active Desktop / Exchange: Use existing contact lists to populate booking sponsor and operator lists.