How Can I.....?

Front or Back Burner scenario?

It is often the case that you implemented a solution based on the FastTrack software to take care of pressing issues regarding costs, automation or both. When concentrating on the "Front Burner" issues associated with the implementationare of paramount importance, however when they are solved (often because they are automated), they go on the "Back Burner". When the main issues are on the "Back Burner", other concerns which did not seem of paramount importance can be addressed.

The FastTrack application contains many powerful mechanisms which are not necessarily of primary importance upon implementation, but can save time and money once the primary concerns are solved. 

  • Add data for more buildings, rooms, assets etc. 
    FastTrack includes mechanisms to import "raw data", however the data must be perfect. If you have spreadsheets, whether based on our templates or your own, we can almost always turn them into data more quickly and cost effectively than your team can.
  • Utilise advanced areas of the software. 
    Consultative training is often the answer. This type of training starts with a clean slate and asks "I want to do this - how do I do it?". Contact FMDirect with your goals and we can determine how FastTrack can provide them.
  • Log calls against assets. 
    Most unscheduled or reactive maintenance is recorded as a series of general issues with global or specific locations. However any helpdesk call can be logged against an asset. The assets are often facilities or IT equipment, but can be any item of value. To log calls against assets, an asset register or list needs to be developed, but it can be quite simple - we need to know: Where is it? What is it? Which one is it? These three elements of data correspond to the building/floor/room location, the asset type and the asset code. 
  • Add scheduled maintenance. 
    Once the asset list or register has been developed for recording reactive works, scheduled work (PPM) can be set up by determining cyclical jobs and assigning them to assets. The FastTrack Planned Preventative Maintenance module (PPM) uses the same location and asset data as the helpdesk module. The work to be done on the assets consists of PPM processes annd stages; the timing of the recurring work is determined by the PPM tasks - each task contains an asset, a process and a frequency.