FastTrack Help Desk Features

Call Logging

Call logging has never been simpler. Fast Track Help Desk can record information within seconds as all predictable information is selected from drop-down lists and caller details are retrieved from the background data. A description of the issue can be entered and saved against the job or can be chosen from a list of common problems. Operators can also save notes they want other people on the system to see or notes they want to be kept private.Depending on the Service Level Agreements in place the response time, containment time, and completion time will be highlighted and available for the call logger to inform the caller. The software can also warn the operator about duplicated calls. If you are logging calls which are related to assets, Fast Track Help Desk can, at any time, pop up a history of jobs relating to the asset of the call being logged. This is especially useful if you are also using the PPM module.

Automatic Email & Attachments

Fast Track Help Desk can automatically email Work Order confirmations to any combination of Caller, Call Logger and Contractor. Attachments can be added to emails, for example equipment maintenance manuals, Health & Safety Guidelines, Risk Assessments, etc.

Work Order Monitoring

Recorded details from the Call Logging screen are automatically brought through to the Work Monitor section. Users can update the status of a job and traffic-lighting is used to show different statuses making an easy view of what to and what not to worry about. Work Orders can easily be filtered to view all jobs by a certain caller, of a certain type, for a specific building or for a particular contractor. 
Records are kept in an audit trail of when jobs were responded to, when they were contained and when they were completed.


Windows, Web and Mobile access

The software is accessible through a wide range of applications. In addition to a networked client/server set-up, Fast Track Help Desk can be accessed through web-browsers allowing staff the ability to update jobs from any online PC and clients access to view the statuses of work on their assets. There is also the ability to view and update the database through mobile hardware, such as Pocket PCs.  

Parts, Labour, Materials and Stock Control

The Work Monitor tabs also manage an extensive array of resources. They contain a record of all parts used on a job and which store they were taken from. Any ad-hoc materials used can also be saved, along with their cost. The contractor/employee used on the job is selected from a menu and the number of standard hours and overtime can be input. The system automatically calculates the total cost of labour for the job, along with total costs for all parts and materials needed.  Stock levels and inventory are automatically updated with every transaction. Fast Track Help Desk operates real time stock control so users can see inventory numbers fall after a job and rise once a delivery has been.

Email Scanner

With this optional additional module, the software houses the unique ability to be able to read email Inboxes and import data from emails relevant to the Help Desk. If for example all jobs to be logged which are sent to the Help Desk contain the title ‘New Support Desk job’ then it can find and highlight these to save the user having to search for them.

The highlighted emails can then be imported into the system. Fast Track Help Desk will transfer the relevant data from the email and place it in the call-logging section as a new job. This process can be fully automatic. 

Keyword Finder

The keyword finder inside Fast Track Help Desk searches past calls and user notes for specific phrases to allow an instantaneous summary of previous information and shows users how prior issues have been fixed.

Advanced Invoicing

Fast Track Help Desk will calculate the total cost for a job, including labour, parts and materials used and will automatically creates invoices to issue to customers. Statistics on costs and invoices are held and updated within the system. Users can see the number of completed and closed jobs which have costs along with the number of invoices pending and a running total value of pending invoices.

SLA & KPI Analysis

Fast Track Help Desk assists in analysing contractual compliance using Service Level Agreements (SLAs). When the help desk operator chooses a building and work type for each job, the SLA data for the applicable contractor is attached to the work order. SLAs can be set for response, containment and completion. SLA and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can be analysed by staff to see whether contractors are working within contractual guidelines.


Many performance measurement and analysis reports are provided. Management information is easily accessible and managers can accurately plan for resources based upon past performance. Future contract specification can be tightened as costs are controlled. The software also contains powerful reporting tools which enable users to build their own reports. Any report or data view can be Exported to a variety of formats, such as EXCEL, SQL, dBASE, etc. Passing on spreadsheet detail and summaries to the finance dept. couldn’t be easier.

Intelligent Help

Fast Track Help Desk includes a customisable help section. The software will give different help items depending on where you are within the system. New help items can be added as and when needed, allowing the help to grow along with the system.All information held within the help section can be printed off as a help items book to act as a manual for users and show them how to use the software the way you want them too.