FMHelpdesk - Facilities Management Helpdesk Service

We can handle your helpdesk in-hours, out-of-hours or 24/7/365 depending upon your requirements. Simply divert your existing contact number to our intelligent call handling system and our skilled operators will process service requests in your company image, it's as simple as that.

Of course we need to setup your contracts on our helpdesk software application by firstly uploading master data onto our database covering items like buildings, contractors and work types along with details of your service level agreements. Once all the data is applied to our system, we are then ready to act as your own personalised helpdesk. If a problem then occurs in your building, callers are routed from your telephone number to our central helpline number to report the fault, providing contact details and a description of the fault or issue. These details are then processed by our experienced FMHelpdesk operators through our application, prioritised and passed electronically and/or verbally to your contractors. The fault is then monitored within the time parameters set by the service level agreement and the work is chased to completion, with the audit trail recorded for your protection.

The software we use is extremely efficient and enables us to initiate and monitor all work orders and service level deadlines. Depending upon the package you select, we can also send emails and SMS alerts direct to your contractors and their operatives mobile phones, reminding them of completion deadlines and providing them with any new work details.

Benefits and Features:

  • The FMHelpdesk service has the capability to run your entire facilities operation; logging calls from your building occupiers or clients on our own FM software, creating and issuing work orders in your company image.
  • SLA monitoring service provides independent monitoring of contractor performance and proactively deals with all SLAs.
  • Low initial setup cost and per-incident pricing means you can choose to use our managed service as an extension of your business.
  • Our polite and experienced staff take calls in your company name.
  • We own the incident to completion or handover.
  • Full incident audit trail.
  • Handover and call analysis reports.