PPM Documents

Track Asset details using your own Documents. If you group assets together for simplification, such as an example PPM Task being “Quarterly check on all fire extinguishers in the building”, additional details can be kept in documents such as Excel spreadsheets, which are tied to the PPM Task, and can be opened with a single ... Read more

Smartphone Real-time Job Updates

Service Providers remotely indicate Response and Completion in Real Time. Using FastTrack Mobile for Smartphone, service providers receive work instructions and perform updates on their iPhones, Blackberries and Android Smartphones. This means accurate LIVE data, less time in the office, and less work for back-office staff. Customer completion signatures can also be captured.... Read more

Semi-automatic PPM Plan Generation

Simply assign our ASSET TYPES to your ASSET REGISTER and FastTrack PPM will generate the PPM Plan. Based on a known range of building asset types, FMDirect can provide the PPM Processes necessary to carry out planned maintenance. The PPM Processes are associated with asset types, which are then assigned to your assets. The last ... Read more

Job Completion by Smartphone

A ”one-touch job completion” by engineers on site, has long been an aim for resource-sensitive service providers. One of the problems has been the cost of PDA’s, and the fact that they become obsolete quite quickly. Operating system rationalisation in the Smartphone world now means that mainstream apps can be provided for almost all Smartphones. ... Read more

Control Job Costs with SCHEDULES OF RATES

Using pre-loaded schedules of rates is becoming a popular way to control job costs, and can be used to accurately forecast contractual costs for both existing and new contracts. Utilising your own rates and tasks, a national schedule of rates, or your own customised version, exact tasks and costs can usually be found in seconds, ... Read more


Utilising Hosted Systems, or Software-as-a-Service, is becoming more and more popular as organisations look to avoid expensive capital expenditures (CAPEX). A trend is to reduce costs by paying for systems out of operational expenditure (OPEX). Saving on large outlays is one of several advantages to be gained from using hosted solutions. Benefits of hosted systems: ... Read more

Hosted Solutions

The cost of hosted solutions has steadily reduced to where they are being considered by more and more organisations. The main benefit seems to be outsourced IT resources. “On-Demand” Room Booking and Help Desk systems can be “turned on” for users with minimal project assistance from corporate managers, and the number of licenced users can ... Read more

PPM Preparation – why spreadsheets?

Many managers and consultants who have a great deal of experience in the preparation of PPM plan data, insist on preparing the base data for PPM systems (asset and procedure pairing, start date and cycle, service provider) in a spreadsheet. Spreadsheets are undeniably convenient, but most of the managers and consultants being described would say ... Read more

Fully Automatic PPM?

The analysis to determine whether fully automatic PPM is beneficial, or “a good idea”, runs the gamut from common sense to philosophy. “We won’t have to do anything once it’s set up!” cry the proponents, while the worriers wonder “if it’s actually fully automatic, how will the users remember how to use it?” There are ... Read more

Motorway miles, train hours, climate change and webinars!

All organisation refine their operations, so the search for better systems is non-stop. New software packages to automate time-consuming processes, improved software to integrate new techniques and operating system advantages, etc., are fairly common reasons to research new software. What usually happens? The best matching software systems are reviewed on the web, and then the ... Read more

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